Free Forest Stock Photos

The mystique of chanted forest and dark woods have always intrigued man’s imagination through the ages. Being the dominant terrestrial ecosystem on planet Earth, forests make up for 75% of the gross primary productivity of the planets biosphere. With that in mind, you’ll understand why there’s an abundance of free forest stock photos and images around the internet.

Forests are classified in many different ways such as tropical, temperate, boreal & subtropical and consist of many layers, from forest floor to the canopy. That makes it a great place to take interesting and beautiful pictures with your camera.

In this post I have collected 50 various stock photos of trees and plants, forest landscapes and other beautiful elements you’d typically find in a forest. I hope you can find something useful for your projects, if you don’t, we have over 4500 images of forest in our main stock photo galler. Enjoy!

Glowing Bokeh Forest

Glowing Bokeh Forest - Free Forest Stock Photos (more…)

Free Travel Illustrations – 25 Colorful Examples

Summer is the time when most of us choose to travel to interesting places, whether if it’s to get tan or discover new places. If you keep a travel diary, run a travel blog or a travel website you’ve probably been hunting for free travel illustrations and stock photos before. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

In this blog post I have collected 25 interesting and colorful images that are related to travels and holiday trips, both illustrations and icons. They can come useful when you need to illustrate holiday trips, flights and other types of travels. You can download these images free from our stock photo gallery and use them according to their license.

Traveling the world – Travel concept

Traveling the world - Travel concept - Free Travel Illustrations (more…)

Free Pink Stone Textures

This week I have an interesting set of icelandic volcanic rock surface. These free pink stone textures are the result of me experimenting with Lightroom presets. I wanted to create something different for this set, something out of the ordinary and eye-catching.

These rock textures are packed with details which makes them very large in file size, around 30Mb per image. I can imagine them being used as space backgrounds or for organic and psychedelic artwork. Hopefully you can use them for something interesting in your work. I’m always excited to see what you do with the textures we share here at Stockvault, so please show us in the comments section.

As always, you can download the images in a zip file via Dropbox by clicking the link at the bottom of the post. Or you can download the ones you like by clicking the preview images.
Until next time, enjoy the textures!

Download Free Pink Stone Textures

Free Pink Stone Textures (more…)

Free Dark Leaf Textures

Hey guys, today I have a set of free dark leaf textures from my own backyard. These are perfect as backgrounds to create natural and organic designs and include a lot of details.

In post-processing I darkened the backgrounds and lowered the contrast to make them more usable and subtle. Free organic textures are in high demand and allow you to create wonderful and earthly designs and graphics. You can check out our organic texture category on the main site to find various backgrounds free for download.

In this post there are 6 high res textures that you can download by clicking the sample images. Or you can download them all in one Zip file via Dropbox using the link at the bottom of the post. I hope you enjoy the textures and find good use for them. Have a great summer!

Download Free Dark Leaf Textures

Free Dark Leaf Textures (more…)

Free Stock Photos of Food – 25 Delicious Meal Examples

Food photography can be fun and challenging at the same time. Who of us hasn’t snapped a photo of a really great looking plate of food. But the fact is that taking really well lid and sharp images you must get certain things right. Colors and composition are the key to a good photo and as you can see below we have got some really nice free stock photos of food.

Another good trick is to get up close and play around with the focus to create an interesting depth of field. Don’t be afraid to try different angles and make use of white (dead) space in your photos. You can find 99 excellent tips on how to improve your food photography here.

If you’re not a photographer and still need great looking images of food for your designs, blog posts or whatever, we got you covered. With thousands of images in our free gallery, you can find anything between breakfast and dessert. We also have a lot of fruit stock photos along with raw materials such as spices and vegetables.

For this post I have selected 25 delicious looking images of meals that you can download and use.

Spaghetti Dish

Spaghetti Dish - Free Stock Photos of Food (more…)

Free Black Stone Textures

Today I have a dark and gloomy set of free black stone textures from an old and cracked concrete wall. There is no shortage of beaten down walls here in my town, especially down by the sea. The weather elements can be punishing here in Iceland.

To make the textures more dark and gloomy I added a high contrast black and white preset to them in Lightroom. I tweaked the settings a little bit, lowered the exposure and increased the shadows to get a more deeper black. I think these images would be great as overlays to create a worn and vintage effect to your designs.

In this Photoshop video tutorial below, you can see how to use Layer Modes to apply textures of photographs or any images for that matter. If you experiment with the overlays and different textures you might end up with an amazing results.

I hope you find good use for these textures. As always, you can download them all via the Dropbox link below. Enjoy!

Download Free Black Stone Textures

Free Black Stone Textures (more…)

Free Multiple Exposure Stock Photos

Photographers have always been experimenting with exposure to create unusual and eye-catching images. A multiple exposure is the superimposition of two or more exposures to create a single image, and double exposure has a corresponding meaning in respect of two images.

In-camera multiple exposure is a technique in which the camera shutter is opened more than once to expose the film multiple times, usually to different images. The resulting image contains the subsequent image/s superimposed over the original. The technique is sometimes used as an artistic visual effect and can be used to create ghostly images or to add people and objects to a scene that were not originally there.

While many modern photographers and graphic designers choose to create multiple exposure stock photos using software such as Adobe Photoshop, others stick to do it in-camera. DPS has a great tutorial on how to do it.

In this post I have collected 15 multiple exposure stock photos from our free gallery to show you the possibilities. You are free to download the images and use them according to each of the image license. (Most are free for personal and commercial usage). If you like to create multiple or double exposures yourself, we always welcome new additions to our gallery.

Couple in love Kissing over New York – Double Exposure Effect

Couple in love Kissing over New York - Free Multiple Exposure Stock Photos (more…)

Free Metal And Concrete Textures

Hey guys, today I have a new set of some really nice metal and concrete textures that I shot of an old building down by the harbor. It’s an old fishing factory in the town of Sandgerði that’s not been painted for many years, causing the metal and concrete to deterior.

Textures like these can be very useful as backgrounds for designs and banners. You can edit them with Photoshop to add text over them, change the colors, crop and create your own design. The textures can also be used to create interesting backgrounds for websites and mobile apps. Just crop them to your desired size, tone them down and use them for your UX design.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using textures to enhance your photos and designs. If you’re a novice, a quick search on Youtube will introduce you to countless video tutorials on how to use textures in your designs.

I hope these will be a great addition to your texture arsenal and come in handy later on. Enjoy the textures!

Download Free Metal And Concrete Textures

Free Metal And Concrete Textures (more…)

Free Yoga Stock Photos

Yoga has become one of the most popular workout regime in the recent years for those looking to gain strength and flexibility. It’s the fitness of choice and a way of life for many as it reduces stress and allows for a greater relaxation. With countless blogs about yoga and meditation, the need for free yoga stock photos has increased as well.

Yoga is said to be originated in ancient India nearly 26 thousand years ago. The sanskrit noun “yoga” means “to control”, “to yoke” or “to unite” and has also been translated to mean “joining”, “uniting” and “union”. The union is made between the self and the spirit. Yoga is a big part of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism as a part of their meditation practices.

Yoga and meditation can be worked into every lifestyle and schedule, and has been proven to increase health and body awareness. There are also many more physical and mental benefits of practising yoga. In this post I have selected 15 free images related to yoga and meditation. We have a lot more in our free gallery, so check out the ones below and visit the main gallery to look for more.


Free Yoga Stock Photos (more…)

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