Free Medical Stock Photos – 25 Examples

If you have been using stock photos for some time you know that your typical healthcare stock photos are often generic and lacking authenticity. It’s often hard to find real life images with real people that can illustrate your message. Luckily we have some really great free medical stock photos in our vaults that you can use to get your message clear across without seeming impersonal or even ridiculous.

First of all, these type of medical images must convey a certain trust and professionalism, although humorous images do have their place in some cases. Whether you are using medical photography for your hospital website, dentist, optical or medical publishing or even a simple facebook page, you have to choose wisely.

Medical illustrations are also a very good choice as they can illustrate a message that is hard or almost impossible to photograph with real people. Graphics of bacteria, illnesses and abstract medical backgrounds are often prove useful as well.

In this post I have handpicked 25 photos and illustration that you can use for your medical & healthcare related projects. You can use them as they are or modify them to your needs, no attribution needed. But be sure to check out the license on the download page before you use them.

Medical Doctor Studying the Human Body – Concept

Medical Doctor Studying the Human Body - Concept - Free Medical Stock Photos (more…)

Free Grayscale Crystal Textures

I have posted a few interesting crystal textures in the past and today’s post is no different. These free grayscale crystal textures are from natural quartz stones found in the east part of Iceland and are made of silica and oxygen over a long period of time.

These rock crystals are full of sharp edges and tiny details that are really interesting and form all kinds of shapes and patterns. Crystal textures like this can be useful as both overlays and backgrounds in modern design works.

It’s always fun to work with different and unique textures like these, and as always, you can use them for commercial work as well. Without a doubt a nice addition to any texture arsenal. I hope you can find good use for the and be inspired to create interesting designs with them. Enjoy!

Download Free Grayscale Crystal Textures

Free Grayscale Crystal Textures (more…)

Free Valentines Day Images – 25 Romantic Examples

The annual Valentine’s Day is coming up, it’s the day of the year where millions of couples around the world celebrate romantic love with gifts and candy. It’s a popular day that is widely recognized both commercially and culturally. It’s also a tradition in many countries to give Valentine cards to the one you love, and that’s where our free Valentines Day images come in handy.

By using our free images you can create your own personal Valentine card for your loved one, or use the images to create party invitations, posters or even use them to illustrate your website, facebook page or blog posts. Either way, we have both abstract Valentine backgrounds, photos of lovers and couples, romantic scenery and much more.

In this post I have selected 25 lovely Valentine photos that you can download and use for your designs. Don’t worry, we have hundreds more in our Valentines Day photo gallery. Feel free to post your designs and show us that you created. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hand silhouette in heart shape with sunset in the middle

Hand silhouette in heart shape with sunset in the middle - Free Valentines Day Images (more…)

Free Vector Patterns – 20 Seamless Examples

Free Vector Patterns are really useful for designers as they allow them to create seamless backgrounds and add them as textures to their designs. A seamless pattern can be placed side-by-side on all edges without creating a noticeable border in between.

The beauty about vector patterns is that the files are lossless, meaning that you can scale them up to the size you need without the loss of quality. Keep in mind that you need a vector program like Adobe Illustrator to edit the files but Photoshop will do if you only need to scale them up or down.

I have selected a range of vector patterns uploaded by one of our newest authors, Sara. Her illustrations have a unique style which is both cartoonish yet fresh and modern. You can view her vector portfolio here. All the free patterns below are free for commercial use. Please keep in mind that although some of the preview images are a bit compressed, the vector files you download are sharp and lossless.

Delicate Floral Pattern

Delicate Floral Pattern - Free Vector Patterns (more…)

Free Worn Wood Textures

Wooden textures are always useful for backgrounds and overlays and they just look so cool when done right. Today I have a set of 8 free worn wood textures that I shot of an old footbridge in East Iceland last summer. The wooden panels are really worn and chipped, with sand and gravel stuck in it’s cracks. It gives them a really vintage and grungy feel, I think.

Wooden textures are used a lot in web- and app design both as backgrounds or incorporated into the design. Different styles include super clean and realistic, while others are worn and grunge to suit the style of the brand.

For your inspiration, here is a showcase “on how to use wood textures in webdesign” from Line25. You’ll probably get some good ideas from that one.

Hopefully you can put this set of wooden textures into good use and incorporate them into your future designs. We would love to see the results, so feel free to post a comment below and let us know what you think. The size of all 8 textures is 181mb, so you might want to grab the Dropbox ZIP file at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Download Free Worn Wood Textures

Free Worn Wood Textures (more…)

Free Dog Stock Photos – 30 Cute Examples

Domestic dogs are known as man’s best friend. Their long association with the human species has made them uniquely attuned to human behavior. Modern dogs are bred in many shapes, sizes and colors. That makes them a popular subject among photographers, creating an abundance of free dog stock photos available on the internet.

Dogs have always performed a role for humans, such as hunting, herding, protecting and companionship and also more recently, helping handicapped individuals and therapeutic roles. Domestic dogs are capable of showing complex behaviours and sophisticated forms of social cognition and communication.

Photos of dogs are ever so popular, they are used in advertising and marketing for big businesses as well as personal projects of dog lovers all over the world. A puppy’s sad and innocent look can melt your heart and stir up emotions with most people.

We have collected 30 cute and sweet images of dogs from our free gallery to showcase in this post. You are free to download them and use them for your projects, or just look at them and adore the cuteness 🙂

Toochie and Poochie

Toochie and Poochie - Free Dog Stock Photos (more…)

Free Business Illustrations – 30 Creative Examples

Businesses are always in need for fresh graphics and smart illustrations to get their message across to their customers. The demand for free business illustrations, vectors and graphics has never been higher before as more and more small businesses pop-up every day.

Many choose to take care of their own marketing and create their own material using free images that are offered on the internet. Luckily we have a few great illustrations up our sleeve here at to help them out when the budget is minimal or none at all.

The quality of illustrations today is superb around the globe and you can view the variety just by looking through an inspirational design site link Behance. A good business illustration can say more than a thousand words and get the message across without much explanation. That’s why businesses prefer quality illustrations to use in their marketing material, ads and websites.

The list of graphics below is only just the tip of the iceberg. We have over 1300 free business illustrations that you can download for free and use for your commercial needs. Feel free to browse our site for more free stock photos and illustrations as you’re bound to find something of interest.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics - Free Business Illustrations (more…)

Free Layered Rock Formation Textures

Let’s start the year with a set of textures from the ancient Icelandic fishing village, Hellnar. It’s located in the area of Snæfellsnes Peninsula which has a lot of great scenery and a huge glazier as well. These free layered rock formation textures are from a cliff called Valasnös which has these amazing and unique rock formations along the shore.

I posted another set from the same area back in August 2017, and today’s textures are a great addition to that unique set of layered rock backgrounds. In the picture on the right you can see how the rock is formed, twisted and turned if you click it for a bigger image.

If you’re a designer you can use these 8 high resolution rock textures for all sorts of things. Such as backgrounds for print and web, photo-manipulations and patterns for your designs. You can print them on clothing, use them for stationary and business cards, or even create posters using them.

As always you can download them all in one zip file (105Mb) at the bottom of this post. Just remember to share the word or leave a comment if you like them. Enjoy!

Download Free Layered Rock Formation Textures

Free Layered Rock Formation Textures (more…)

Free Fitness Stock Photos – 25 Empowering Examples

January is the time when most people decide to start fresh and join a gym, a yoga studio or hit the public park. For the regular gym goers, January is the most dreaded month of the year when their local gym turns into a zoo. However January is a great month for gym owners and personal trainers with business booming. That’s where free fitness stock photos become a useful tool in ads, banners, and website promotions.

Whether you’re a gym owner, personal trainer, yoga instructor or a designer working for one, you always need photos to illustrate your business. Hiring a photographer is usually the best way to go, but if you don’t have the budget or the time, stock photos are the next best thing.

The selection of fitness photos below are perfect for gyms, fitness studios, personal trainers as well as bloggers and healthcare writers that need images and backgrounds for their banners, blog posts and research articles. Now let’s check out the photos:

Jumpstart Your Training

Jumpstart Your Training - Free Fitness Stock Photos (more…)

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