Inspiring Emotional Portrait Photographs

Displaying emotions is the key to nonverbal communication among both humans and animals. People often behave in certain ways as a direct result of their emotional state, such as crying, fighting or fleeing depending on their state of mind, and emotional displays also form the foundation for human society. In photography, the capturing of true emotion is what photographers strive for when it comes to photographing people. However, as any actor or actress will tell you, displaying emotion in a staged scene can be quite difficult.

The beauty of emotion is that it is often subtle and is natural, however, cameras tend to affect the behavior of models, so the challenge for a photographer is to draw out the true emotion from a scene. In an episode of the popular medical show House M.D., the photographer who is being treated at the hospital is asked about her photography and how she manages to capture emotion, to which she replies: “I just keep shooting until I can see what’s really inside of them.”

Here, you’ll find inspiring and emotional portrait photographs that range from subtle to overt in emotional display.

A whiter shade of pale by Felicia Simion

A whiter shade of pale by Felicia Simion (more…)

Halloween Stock Photos & Textures

Whenever a holiday comes around, designers and artists are often requested to do themed artworks for that holiday. Since Halloween is just around the corner, it’s a good idea to develop a collection of Halloween themed stock images in case you need them.

Well, to save you some time and effort, I’ve collected up some of the best Halloween stock photos and Halloween textures that you can use in your designs.  There are also some ultra high quality premium stock photos included at the bottom that are pretty much invaluable when it comes to Halloween art and design.

Free Halloween Stock Photos

The following photos and textures are from our own free photo gallery at

Pumpkin by Tranкov

Pumpkin by Tranкov (more…)

Examples of Web Design for Kids

Designing for kids or a younger audience often requires some changes in the style of design that is required. Because children are often more visually oriented and readily make associations between images and concepts as opposed to words and concepts, image or icon based navigation tends to prevail.

Additionally, the use of graphics that create a virtual environment tend to engage younger audiences and encourage them to explore the site. Many of the most popular kids sites are learning oriented, and use these principles well. Check out these examples of web design for kids.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids (more…)

Examples of Textures in Photography

Textures can dramatically alter the feeling of a photograph. By cleverly using textures and overlaying them on a photograph, you can add a grungy feeling, a watercolor or painted feeling, a surreal feeling, or many other feelings to the photograph. Additionally, textures can help make certain elements in a photograph really pop, while also helping you to draw attention to certain parts of the photograph in almost a vignette effect.

The best way to experiment with textures in photography is to simply open up your photography processing program such as Photoshop, and experimenting with blending modes and different textures and seeing what the result is. Some textures work better on black and white photographs, while others perfectly complement vibrantly colored photographs.

Check out these examples of textures in photography:

Deep in my Soul by Nadine Lotze

Deep in my Soul by Nadine Lotze (more…)

30 Delicious Food Ad Designs

Humans have an abundance of choices when it comes to food in the developed world. It’s hard to drive more than a mile or two without running into a fast food restaurant, and grocery stores often stock multiple brands of each product since consumers all have different opinions on which is best. Food ads are designed to convince you that a given product or restaurant is superior to others, and to convince you to act on this information.

There are a lot of possibilities for food ads. Companies can advertise the taste and flavor, or the caloric and nutrient content, or just do something shocking to catch your attention.

Here’s 30 examples of delicious food ad designs that will show you awesome design concepts for foods.

Miracle Whip: Miracle seesaw by Draftfcb

Miracle Whip: Miracle seesaw by Draftfcb (more…)

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