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Bjorgvin Gudmundsson

Bjorgvin Gudmundsson

from Iceland - Website

Bjorgvin is a graphic/web designer and photography enthusiast. For the past 17 years Bjorgvin has been working in the advertisement industry in both Denmark and Iceland. Today Bjorgvin runs the Curly Eskimo community for a living, and has never been more passionate about this work. In his free time, Bjorgvin enjoys playing his guitars and spending time with his wife and son.

Latest Uploads

Red Wood with White Paint Spatter
Grungy Red Wood Texture
Grunge Red Wood Texture
Old Grungy Wooden Texture
Old Wood and Metal Texture
Grungy Wood Background
Black Wood Texture
Old Dark Grunge Wood Texture
Grungy Wood Surface
Old Grunge Wooden Background
Old Grunge Wooden Surface
Grunge Painted Wood Texture
Old Wood Background
Wood Wall Texture
Old Wood Wall Texture
Modern Staircase
Spanish Mosaic Tiles
Mosaic Tiles Texture
Marbella Old Town
Mijas Village
Village of Mijas
Medieval Knight
Full Body Armour
Full Plate Armour
Whale Skin Background
Skin of a Whale
Whale Skin Texture
Stockholm Terror Attack
Pray for Stockholm
Yellow Wildflowers
Icelandic Wildflowers
Blurry Wildflowers
Yellow Icelandic Wildflowers
Old Overgrown Netting
Old Rope in Grass
Graffiti on Abandoned House
Grunge Wall with Paint Splatter
Old Peeled Grunge Wall
Miniature Soldier on a Windowsill
Miniature Soldier
Dark Grunge Stone Wall Texture
Holed Grunge Wood Texture
Old Abandoned House
Abandoned House with Graffiti
Grunge White Wall Texture
B&W Grunge Wall Texture
Grunge B&W Wall Texture
Grunge Concrete Wall Background
Black and White Grunge Wall Texture
Grunge Old Concrete Wall Texture
Icelandic Moss
Moss on Rocks
Rocks Covered in Moss
Moss Covered Rocks
Icelandic Seascape
Icelandic Rock Background
Icelandic Rock Texture
Old Volcanic Rock Texture
Old Tangled Fishing Net
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