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Geoffrey Whiteway

Geoffrey Whiteway

from Canada - Website

Amateur photographer from Canada. I enjoy science, landscape and nature photography. You can see more of my photos at the following site:

Latest Uploads

Antibiotic testing
Autumn Stream
Autumn Stream and Leaves
Autumn Leaves in Stream
Peaceful Autumn Stream
Cobalt burning in flame
Sodium burning in a flame
Barium burning in a flame
Copper burning in a flame
Calcium burning in a flame
Court sign
Jury Box
Lawyers bench
Court book and flag
old clock
old clock
Small Pleasure Vessel
Roadside Trash
Silk Microscope View
Trichinosis Texture
Obelia Hydroid
Liver Cells Microscope View
Multipolar Neuron Microscope View
Multipolar Neuron Texture
Femur Bone Cross Section
Muscle Tissue Texture
Muscle tissue
Union Jack
Union Jacks
UK Phone Booth
Building Construction
Emergency Ambulance
Emergency Ambulance
Trent suggesting homelessness
Canal in Camden Town, London
Social Problems
Summer Hats
Kids scooters
Venus fly trap
Venus fly trap
Colorful sheds
Puffins on sunny day
Atlantic Canada lighthouse
Humpback whale
Humpback whale
Humpback whale
Humpback whale
Humpback whale
Rusty Anchor
Light tower
Light tower
Wind storm
Wind storm
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