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June 26th 2008


Lokigrl616 → in Abstract Shapes

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"My name it means nothing, my fortune is less My future is shrouded in dark wilderness Sunshine is far away, clouds linger on Everything I possessed now they are gone" - Black Sabbath "Solitude"

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Abstract Shapes


abstract trippy fractals dreamy creative original surreal drawing sphere yellow purple

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FileName: sv_migrate
FileDateTime: 1284747162
FileSize: 4575270
FileType: 2
MimeType: image/jpeg
   html: width="3000" height="3000"
   Height: 3000
   Width: 3000
   IsColor: 1
   ByteOrderMotorola: 1
   Thumbnail.FileType: 2
   Thumbnail.MimeType: image/jpeg
Orientation: 1
XResolution: 3000000/10000
YResolution: 3000000/10000
ResolutionUnit: 2
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
DateTime: 2008:06:24 18:22:10
Exif_IFD_Pointer: 164
   Compression: 6
   XResolution: 72/1
   YResolution: 72/1
   ResolutionUnit: 2
   JPEGInterchangeFormat: 302
   JPEGInterchangeFormatLength: 6740
ColorSpace: 1
ExifImageWidth: 3000
ExifImageLength: 3000