The heart is the primary symbol of love and especially for Valentine’s day. The symbolic action of falling in love is commonly depicted as Cupid firing an arrow and piercing a heart. While the heart doesn’t actually govern emotions and feelings of love, in antiquity, it was believed that the heart was the source of love and emotions, prior to modern neuroscience.

The red color of the heart is commonly associated with passion and desire, so artwork that is focused on the heart frequently focuses on capturing the vibrant, crisp, bright red color to enhance the power of the symbolism.

For photographers, the heart is a more challenging concept. Photographing the actual heart is rather difficult, and the reality of a beating heart isn’t quite as romantic as the concept would promise. Therefore, heart photography tends to focus more on the shape or symbolic recreation of the heart:

Sailing into Destiny by pixelmama


Heart by LietingaDiena


Lovers by Przemyslaw Kruk


Give someone your heart by Uschi


Heart by xXLonging-HeartXx


Broken Heart by Marylee Pope


Pour out ones Heart by Uschi


A heart full of roses by fuchsphoto


Love Cherries by olimage


.: Heart :. by Bromelia94


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