Amazing Atmospheric Photographs

by Eric Shafer March 23rd, 2011 No Comments / Click here to post a comment

The way that light interacts with the atmosphere influences the lighting, coloration and life of everything here on Earth. Light is an incredibly difficult element to harness for photography, but when done properly, the results are masterful. When the atmosphere allows for unique situations, such as dense fog, godrays or low lying clouds, photographers love to get out and capture the beauty and share it.

In these photographs, you’ll see the beauty of unique atmospheric situations.  Enjoy!

Infinity by Cornel Pufan

Welcome by Matej Peljhan

Part of the River by Ales Nanut

Autumn Mists by Izidor Gasperlin

Sunrise by Keith Foster

Nepal by Dmitry Shatrov

World of Fair Tales by Janez Tolar

Contemplation by Yevgen Timashov

House by Dmitry Sumin

Morning Toulouse by Artem


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