30 Maternal Love Photographs

by Eric Shafer March 11th, 2013 1 Comments / Click here to post a comment

Few bonds in life are more powerful than that between mother and child. It’s a special relationship that has been stressed since the beginning of time, and scientific studies have demonstrated the importance of the mother-child relationship and how it impacts both development of the child and of the mother. The bond is reinforced through a strong emotional connection created by hormonal levels during bonding experiences.

The relationship between a mother and her child has been immortalized in countless artworks, perhaps none more famous than Madonna and Child artworks from the Middle Ages. Due to its importance, it’s a common theme that appears in many art and other media.

Here, I’ve showcased some great photography examples showing mother-child relationships for a variety of species, not just humans.

A Mother’s Love By Lee Fisher

Maternal Love By Marco Marotto

Maternal Love By Elic Herrera

Maternal Love By Richard Waters

Maternal love By Nade Welch

Anima mundi By adalena

Mothers Love By anneyoung

A Mother’s Love By Jim Remington

A Grandmother’s love By Mitchell Kanashkevich

Maternal Love By Nikolai Alex Petersen

Maternal Love By Ruan Niemann

Amor maternal By Pablo Unai Fernández Gómez

Held with Love By Sue Demetriou

Mama By Elena Patria

Tenderness By Mike Kremer

Boundless Love By bwlight

A Mother’s Love By George Barker

Amor Maternal By Kakuda

A Mother’s Love By Jacky Parker

Maternal love By rdon47630

a love of a mother By iDruz Arsyad

She’s a Grown Up Now By Mollinda

Mother’s Love By Maciej Wronski

Mother’s love By Prabu dennaga

A Mother’s Love By danielaurin

mother’s love By Fajar Andriyanto

Prisoners By Tatyana Tomsickova

Mother’s journey By dloraas

A Mother’s Love By prettyfreakjesper

intimacy By B Regmi


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  1. I love this site! There are lots of pictures about maternal love but those are some of the nicest I have seen Thanks :)