30 Amazing Portraits Focused on Hair

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Hair is fascinating, as it serves both a biological function as well as providing for an addition to human aesthetic appearance. Compared to other related species, humans have a relative lack of hair overall, but still have some hair that helps provide warmth, protects against the elements, and provides a pathway for a sense of touch.

Hair is also a major component of physical appearance and attractiveness, and many people put significant time and effort into perfecting their hairstyles and it certainly can pay off.

This post focuses on hair and portraits that feature it either as a main component or as a beautiful addition.

Portrait with Hair By Dmitry Ageev

The Prophet B&W By Tomer Merav

Portraits - Striking the Pose e-Book

Portrait with Hair By Ali ilker Elci

Papillon By Maquignon Laurence

portrait with hairs By Damien Bapst

Kamila By Ali ilker Elci

Svetlana By Sean Archer

Danny Clayton By Kane Vato

Left Alone By Philip Conrad

Irina By Sean Archer

Portraits I By cpf17

Portrait By Ali ilker Elci

Portraits - Lighting the Shot e-Book

Simple portraits By Natalia Melnikova

My street portraits By Edmondo Senatore

memento By alabama

Portrait By Ali ilker Elci

Aspen By Julia Kuzmenko McKim

one moment of thought By Stefan Beutler

Asking By Alex Dylikowski

Untitled By Andrey Sharov

my little girl By Vedran Vidak

You make me crazy By chot touch

me and them By Robert

Portrait By Ali ilker Elci

Aspen By Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Sapir By Franck GOMEZ

ST By Jaime Carvalho

Sister mine By Edd Carlile

meadow By Daria Pitak

Portraits - Making the Shot e-Book

I “sea” you By Svetlana Bekyarova


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