Scary and Terrifying Monster Artworks

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The question of “what makes a monster” is a rather tricky one. Most of us associate monsters with fictional characters that have grotesque appearances and are the villains in legends, fiction books, videogames and movies. Indeed, the word “monster” is derived from language that means that something was wrong with the normal order/development of a creature.

However, monsters don’t always have to be grotesque in outward appearance, in fact, it’s often the psychological nature that is the most terrifying of all, particularly when combined with a charming or attractive outward appearance.

Monsters are incredibly common characters in all forms of media, so there are a lot of artistic interpretations of what makes a monster. Here’s a few examples:

Cyclops by Jamesface


Magic The Gathering: Fell Shepherd by Cryptcrawler


Monster Head by Guangjian Huang


Knight of Crows by jamesface


Golems by Maria Trepalina


Thanatos by ChrisCold


WoW: Wrath of the Lich King by David Luong


Zombie Claus by kerembeyit


Serpentes Antiqua by Alexandre Chaudret


Nightmare by leventep



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