Metallic Foil Business Card Designs

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Business cards are an incredibly useful marketing tool for individuals and businesses, and a great way to create a memorable impression on a potential client or customer. Designing a business card includes not only selection of the cardstock, but also the design, positioning of elements, typography and colors.

One way to make a business card pop is to use foil, which imprints foil onto the business card in a stamping process.

Here’s some beautiful metallic foil business card designs that utilize gold or silver and shimmer brightly:

By Sergej by 100und1


Bloomberg Ventures by Michaela Edwards


N.Peal by Campbell Hay


Touchwood Designs by Aurora Print


786 Perfum by Paul Hutchison


Balzac by Bravo


Untitled by James Warfield


Rene Tate by Alexandra Daley


Engineering Works by Ross Clarke


Foreign Policy Self Design



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