Imaginative Game Concept Artworks

by Eric Shafer April 17th, 2013 1 Comments / Click here to post a comment

The art in games is incredibly impressive, with the goal frequently being to achieve real-life results. While computer generated art and graphics haven’t quite advanced to match the real world, the results are getting better and better and the talent in the industry is amazing.

Every new game requires tons of art, from storyboarding and concept art to interface design and 3D art.

In this post, I’ve showcased some of the coolest and most imaginative new game concept artworks.

Hwaga by Thenew Art Agency

Tunnel by Ishutani

일필무적 by Thenew Art Agency

Street Lights by Powl96

Amfisbena by Przemyslaw Krystaszek

Environment Paintings by Titus Lunter

Grayskull Islands by Andy Walsh

Concept Art by mingrutu

City Entrance by Grafik

Project Z – Noah’s Ark by Alexander Koshelkov

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