Free Texture Friday โ€“ Green Seaweed

Hey guys, today I have a real treat for you. In one of my recent texture walks down by the cost (see Free Texture Friday โ€“ Golden Rocks), there were these puddles on some of the rocks that had a lot of seaweed textures or algea in them. As an experiment I tried to photograph the seaweed from above through the water, not knowing how it would turn out.

Free Green Seaweed Texture

Now, a few weeks later I started playing with the photos in Adobe Lightroom. When I started editing and increasing the colors and exposure levels these amazing textures came to live.

They are packed with tiny details and shapes, making them a very cool choice when you want to experiment with overlays and mixing them together with other textures in Photoshop. I hope you can find good use for them in your work, I had a great time making them ๐Ÿ™‚Continue Reading this Post

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Yellow Rusted Metal

Today I have a brand new set of yellow rusted metal textures from the cover of an old electrical cabinet which I walked upon in the local shipyard. The bright yellow color of it caught my eye so I decided to check it out. I guess it’s from an old motor, generator or a crane. But I’m not 100% sure. It still looks really great with all that industrial grunge, rust and dirt which has been piling up for years.

If you like metallic and rusty textures, this set is right up your alley. They will definitely look good on posters and other grungy designs that you come up with ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

Free Yellow Rusted Metal Textures

Free Yellow Rusted Metal TexturesContinue Reading this Post

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Golden Rocks

In today’s set I’m sharing 5 golden rocks textures that I shot down by the coast where we have huge volcanic rocks going out from the shore out into the sea. These are often soft rocks that have cracked over time and some have holes which are created by some species of sea shells.

There are many different types of rocks and minerals in the world, the three main types being igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. Iceland is composed mainly of igneous rock where a distinction is made between volcanic rock and plutonic rock. But Iceland is a young country in geological terms and little eroded, making volcanic rock dominant.

I added a golden color effect to the textures using Adobe Lightroom to create a monochromatic effect which I liked and I hope you do too. Enjoy!

Free Golden Rocks Textures

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Grunge Black Wall

Hey guys, I have created this really awesome set of grunge black wall textures for you this week. Not so long ago I stumbled upon this old black wall, ruins from an old local fish processing factory that partly burned down in 1983. It’s remains were recently torn down and removed, exposing the black worn and cracked walls. What a catch!

Grunge Black Wall Textures

These textures are among my personal favorites. They are extremely grungy with tons of cracks and crevices, white paint showing underneath the black soot creating awesome surfaces. I shoot enough for a few sets which I will release in the coming weeks and months.

As always, these are free for both commercial and personal use. Please let me know what you think. Enjoy!Continue Reading this Post

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Blue Rusted Metal

This week’s set features 5 rusted metal textures with peeling blue paint and plenty of rusty spots. These are actually from the same metallic scrap container that brought you Red Rusted Metal Texture Pack back in July. However, the blue color of the metal surface has been toned down a bit just to create a classic vintage feeling.

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Blue Rusted Metal

You can certainly keep working on them by changing colors or make them black and white, the amount of grunge spots and rust is really useful as overlay on photos/designs. You can also use the borders to create headers or footers, or you can always crop them out like I did in the preview above.

As before, these are 100% free for commercial and personal use. You’ll find the dropbox download link below the samples, or you can click each sample to download the high-res texture. Enjoy and have a great weekend!Continue Reading this Post

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Rotten Wood 4

This week’s set of free Rotten Wood Textures originates from the local shipyard where I found this wooden hatch from an old boat that has been rotting away for years. It’s been soaked in oil which explains the black color, and with some rusty nails which add to the grungy look, they are just perfect to create a vintage and worn atmosphere in your designs and photographs.

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Rotten Wood 4

You can see that this wood has been a subject to the elements for a while, and I’m so lucky it caught my eye on one of my more recent “texture” walks. I have some more interesting textures coming from this same hatch in the next few weeks. Be sure to follow us.

As always we provide a simple ZIP download via Dropbox for free. So click the link at the bottom of the post to download the whole set, it’s only 42Mb. Enjoy!Continue Reading this Post

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Beautiful Rust

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Beautiful Rust

This brand new set of rusty colorful and vivid metal textures is the perfect way to end this work week. At the local shipyard there is no shortage of old rusty metal surfaces that have been laying around for years, oxidizing and weathering in Iceland’s salty and windy environment.

I happened to stumble upon this not-so-large plate of metal on the ground with another circle shaped plate on top of it. I photographed the edges which gave me some great shapes to work with. The amount of rust creates an excellent depth in color variation, which again makes them perfect and highly useful as textures, overlays and backgrounds.

I hope you see the beauty in these textures like I do, and find good use for them in your future projects. Feel free to share them with your friends and followers, post them on your blog, but remember to link to this post as the source. Enjoy!Continue Reading this Post

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Gray Cracked Concrete


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Concrete textures are extremely useful for all web- and graphic designers”.

Today I’m sharing a new set of high resolution cracked and weathered concrete textures. These are from my latest batch from the local shipyard where I found this old and worn wall with cement rendering and peeled white paint. I decided not to edit them a lot, but I did apply some minor color changes and sharpening in Adobe Lightroom. These are very detailed and large, 13-15Mb per photo. But you can download them in one zip file at the bottom of this post.

So if you’re a fan of old and grunge concrete wall textures, these are right up your alley. Enjoy!Continue Reading this Post

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Red Rusted Metal

Free Red Rusted Metal Textures

I went on one of my texture-walks earlier this week looking for something different I could photograph and turn into awesome freebies. I decided to check out the local shipyard since I always find something interesting to shoot there, whether it’s concrete, wood or metal. There’s an abundance of old boats and rusty junk laying around, although most of which I’ve shot before. This time there was this old and rusty metallic scrap container that caught my eye. It’s sides were all scratched up with peeling paint and rust all over. Perfect for red rusted metal textures!

So for this week I’ve decided to share with you a set of 10 textures, that’s 5 bonus textures, with some really nice details, flaking paint, rust and cracks that I’ve edited with Adobe Lightroom to create a unique grunge (and blood like) look.

I hope you enjoy them and if you create something cool with them, please let us know ๐Ÿ™‚
Until next week, cheers!Continue Reading this Post

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