Free Urban Stock Photos – 35 Great Examples

Free Urban Stock Photos have always been very popular here at Stockvault. Urban photography is one of the most interesting styles and the easiest one to practice unless you live somewhere far away from a city. Often referred to as street photography, urban photographers have to have a keen eye for interesting shapes and details in their surroundings.

Street photography introduces a collision of people and architecture where photographers can create a dramatic and unique perspective in their photographs. Whether you enjoy wide and open surroundings or narrow and tight alleys, there is always something interesting to capture. Some photographers focus on urban landscapes, where the buildings and city structures act as mountains and elements of nature. Others focus on the close-up gritty part of the streets where concrete textures and people portraits are the main subjects.

I this post I have collected 35 free urban stock photos from our gallery that you can download and use for your next project. If you want more, we have over 2000 free urban stock photos in our gallery.

Caption it

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Free Grunge Brick Textures

Today I have a set of 10 really nice grunge brick textures to share with you. If you think they look familiar, they are indeed taken from one of my previous photo-shoot of an old building that was recently torned down and used to be a fish processing factory back in the 80’s before it burned down. But don’t worry, I haven’t posted these before.

I tried to shoot different angles and create borders and corners from the bricks and the concrete walls. Being this old and weathered didn’t hurt either and it didn’t take a lot of work to make them really pop out with lots of details and grungy elements.

These could really be cool as backgrounds for posters, or any kind of design elements that needs a cool grunge brick texture background and some structure for text and images. You could also use them to create a vintage effect in your photographs and designs. Changing them to black & white would also definitely look great, or you can use them as overlays to get a dirty, grungy effect.

I hope you can put them to good use, Enjoy!

Download Free Grunge Brick Textures

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Free Portrait Stock Photos – 20 Inspiring Examples

Portrait photography is a photograph of a person or a group of people that captures the personality of the subject. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional there are always new things to learn when it comes to photographing people. As you can see in our gallery of free portrait stock photos, there are many different aspects that you can approach your subject by.

I have selected 20 portrait stock photos from our site that you can check out and get inspiration for your next portrait series.

Homeless Mike

There are homeless people in most larger cities in the world. Homeless people are often a good subject when showing the darker side of live, the despair or even hope.

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Free Blue Corrugated Metal Textures

Today I have a treat for you guys, a brand new set of 8 high quality blue corrugated metal textures from an old and rusty container. The textures are filled with details such as scratches, dents and rusty patches that make them really grungy and worn out.

I edited the color of the textures from dull white and yellow to a nice looking blue, just to make something different and make them more usable as backgrounds. You can change them as you see fit of course, but I always try to make the textures as “ready to be used” as I possibly can.

The textures are very large, over 20Mb per image. I hope you enjoy them and find some good use for them in your future projects. Cheers!

Download Free Blue Corrugated Metal Textures

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Free Vintage Concrete Textures

Today I have a nice little set of free vintage concrete textures from an old and abandoned building in my town. The concrete walls have been subjected to the elements for many years, giving them a great grunge effect. I edited the textures with Lightroom, only to adjust the colors with free Vintage Presets from Sleeklens and sharpen them up a bit with the clarity slider.

This set of textures is perfect to use as overlays as they have very subtle grungy effect and a vintage color that will add a great worn effect to your photos and designs. The textures below are very large, around 35Mb each which gives you a huge amount of details. I hope you will put them to good use, enjoy!

Download Free Vintage Concrete Textures

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Free Insect Stock Photos – 25 Stunning Examples

Insects and bugs are magnificent models in their tiny environment filled with beautiful details. Most of these free insect stock photos below are shot with a Macro lens and although using such a lens is pretty straight forward but there are certain tricks you need to master to be able to produce great photography.

They are the most diverse group of animals on the planet and include more than a million described species and represent more than half of all known living organisms on the planet. Insects can be found in nearly every environment although there aren’t many species that reside in the oceans.

Insect Macro Photography

A true macro is the ability to produce an image that is as big (or bigger) on the film plane (or digital sensor) as it is in real life. This is where we get the term “lifesize” or “1:1 magnification” as it is used in macro lingo. The term “magnification” is important because true macro photography does not involve “zooming” or getting closer to a subject; instead, we are relying on the lens itself to magnify the image that will be projected onto the film plane. Source: How to Do Macro Insect Photography

Here is a list of 25 beautiful and sometimes scary insect stock photos uploaded by our users:

Chafer Beetle Free Stock Photo

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Free Grunge Painted Wood Textures

I’ve been going through my collection of textures looking for unpublished ones that I can play with or add a new set of images of previously published subjects. I found a few images from an old rotting fishing boat at the local shipyard that might look familiar. These grunge painted wood textures are too good not to publish, and are one of my favorites subjects to photograph.

The old colorful peeled paint together with the oil soaked, rotting wood, create this beautiful grungy background that is filled with details. They are useful for so many things, such as posters, cards, background under text and of course overlays to create a vintage effect on your photos.

In the past I have posted multible sets of wood textures and if you run a quick search you’ll find some good ones. Most of the older sets have been moved to the main Wood Textures category where you’ll find thousands of free wood backgrounds. Enjoy the textures, and please let me know if you have any requests for future texture sets.

Download Free Grunge Painted Wood Textures

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Spring Stock Photos – 20 Beautiful Examples

In this post I have selected 20 beautiful spring stock photos from our free gallery that you can use for your upcoming and future design projects.

For many of us winter is loosening it’s grips and spring is around the corner. With spring the days get longer, trees start sprucing and various types of flowers start to grow. Spring is one of my favorite seasons as it marks the end of the long winter here in Iceland and the beginning of longer days and more sunlight. The insects come to live and the greenery starts to grow, giving us vivid spring colors as they start to blossom.

Freedom Free Stock Photo

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Free Old Concrete Textures

Today I have a set of 8 old concrete textures from an old and dated building. The concrete walls have a lot of details such as cracks, moss and other dirt that has been collecting over the years.

Concrete textures are really useful in both design and photography as you can use them as overlays, backgrounds, wallpapers and personalize them and create something amazing and unique. If you are wondering how you can use textures like this in your design work or photography, check out this post by WeGraphics: 5 Awesome Techniques for Using Textures in Your Designs.

If you are still looking for inpiration or more concrete textures, we have hundreds of free textures in our stock photo gallery. Just check out the Stone & Concrete Textures category or do a search for Concrete Textures. I hope you find some cool textures that you can use. Enjoy!

Download Free Old Concrete Textures

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