Free Texture Friday โ€“ Grunge Painted Concrete

Concrete textures are extremely useful if you are a web designer, graphic designer or a photographer. They can be used to create backgrounds, add texture to certain elements and as overlays to create a vintage and worn-out effect. If you are new to textures, you should know that you can use Photoshop to add textures to images and create your own piece of art with endless possibilities.

Today’s set includes five high resolution textures of a grunge concrete wall with old peeled paint, some nasty cracks and crevices that add a great amount of detail to these textures. I gave them a black & white effect using Lightroom and added an extra sharpness to highlight all those grunge texture details.

The whole pack is around 36mb and you can download it FREE at the bottom of this post. If you like them, please leave a comment or share this post with your friends, thanks!

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Vintage Sheets

We already have an impressive collection of vintage paper textures which we’ve been posting for the past few years. Today’s set of paper textures were pulled from early 19th century books and have this subtle vintage feeling to them. It’s always interesting when they have handwritten notes as a couple of them do, as it adds a romantic flair.

These aren’t huge in size, but I’ve found that these do handle up-scaling pretty well up to a certain point. I hope you enjoy them and put them to good use. As before, these are for commercial and personal usage and you can download them all at the bottom of this post. Cheers!

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Moldy Grunge Wall

I love finding textures in old and dark abandoned buildings and locations which are not so easy to find around where I live in Iceland. Sometimes I have to travel a bit, but that just makes it more fun, scouting for old and worn down places where I can photograph good and usable textures.

Today I’m sharing a set of moldy abstract grunge texture backgrounds from my collection. This moldy and cracked stone surface would be great as desktop wallpaper or an overlay to create a vintage effect on your design. I gave the photographs a slight post-production using Adobe Lightroom just to increase the contrast and to sharpen them up a little bit.

As before, you can download all 5 images in a compressed zip file free via Dropbox, which is around 50Mb, or click the samples below to download each texture. Enjoy!

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Peeling Grunge Wall

If you’re a regular FTF downloader here at the Stockvault blog you’d know that my speciality is concrete, stone and all things grunge. Knowing that, then it’s no surprise that for this week I’m sharing a solid set of grunge concrete textures that should make any designer happy to use.

They’re actually from the same nasty wall from an old WW2 guard station that I posted another set from back in April, Vintage Peeled Wall, but without the spray-paint and sepia color. These are much more dark and grungy with good contrast and I’m pretty sure you can create something fantastic with them.

Like before, you are free to use these for commercial work, but please don’t re-distribute. Just let your friends know about this post instead ๐Ÿ™‚

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Old Blue Concrete

Today I have got a really cool set of concrete textures to share with you. My favorite thing about old concrete walls are all those tiny details and cracks, and sometimes, like in this case, a very faint and peeled paint residue. These kind of textures are really perfect in creating grunge effects, or just a soft vintage effect on your designs. In this particular set there’s a hint of blue paint that makes it pop and gives the dark concrete surface a really nice grunge effect.

As always, the textures are free for commercial & personal use and you can download the pack as a zip file from Dropbox at the bottom of the post (83.5Mb).

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Charcoaled Wood

I must admit that sometimes I have difficulty finding textures to post other than concrete walls. But luckily I sometimes wander upon something else like wood or plastic. As for this week I introduce something that I haven’t posted much of before, burned and charcoaled wood textures. Remember that navy base I’ve been posting textures from the past months? They’re from one of those old and abandoned navy buildings.

This wood panel next to a breaker box was probably burned by some teenagers playing with fire years ago, and now the result of that fire is finding it’s way to designers around the world. How cool is that?

As before, you can download the texture in one Zip file at the bottom of this post. You are also free to use them commercially, but please do not re-distribute them. Cheers!

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Rough Concrete Wall

On my trips when I go out and look for places to photograph new textures, I find myself constantly ending up against grunge concrete walls inside old abandoned and dirty buildings. I guess it’s because there are plenty of these around where I live, and I don’t have the free time to drive that far to other big towns and such looking for other things to shoot. Instead I end up inside old factories, navy stations and abandoned houses.

This set of beautifully rough cement wall textures has everything I love, cracks, a lot of contrast and all those tiny details in the concrete that makes it so fun to use.

I do hope you find good use for this pack. And be sure to let me know what you think.

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