Free Texture Friday โ€“ Grunge Cracked Concrete

You can never get enough cracked concrete textures, and today I’m sharing a huge set of 7 really detailed grunge concrete textures with cracks, dirt and strikes of rust. Backgrounds like this are very useful for photographers and designers that use textures to create vintage and worn-out effects in their designs. They are also really useful for creating grunge brushes in graphic editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Grunge Cracked Concrete

Concrete textures are pretty easy to shoot, you just need a camera and a decent lens. My favorite is my “relatively” cheap Canon 50mm f1.4 as it allows me to capture detail without getting in too close. The 50mm is not too wide either and I find wide-angle lenses not to be good for shooting textures. Another lens that I sometime use is my 100mm Macro lens. It’s awesome if you want a short depth of field and it’s able to capture extreme details and create really great photos.

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Corroded Metal Fence

In today’s post I’m sharing a set of Corroded Metal Textures. Corrosion, or rust will definitely add another dimension and a worn & distressed effect to your designs.

Corrosion is a natural process, the gradual deterioration of metals by chemical and electrochemical reaction with their environment. The most common form of corrosion is rusting, which occurs when iron combines with oxygen and water.

I’m sure that these rusty textures will be a great add-on to your texture arsenal as they are full of details and really high resolution.

Happy downloading!

Free Corroded Metal Fence Textures

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Grunge Black Wall 2

Hey guys, today I have a new set of Grunge Black Wall Textures from the ruins of an old local fish processing factory that burned down in the 80’s. They’re grungy, dark and detailed, perfect as stand-alone backgrounds or you can use them as overlays in your post-process work.

These Grunge free textures are from a burned and destroyed building wall with cracked concrete, rusted metal and peeling paint.

Free Grunge Black Wall Textures

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Rotting Frames

Today I’m continuing the “Rotten Wood” texture series by posting a new set of old Rotting Frames with rusty & vintage metal edges. These textures are from the same spot as “Rotten Wood Vol 4“, a local shipyard where a few wooden boats have been rotting away for years.

This rotting wood surface has been soaked in oil which creates the deep black color and the metal has been left outside to corrode for who knows how long, creating these great contrasts between the wood and the metal.

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Rotting Frames

This particular set can be very useful to create grunge borders and frames. All alone the textures aren’t that special, but when you puzzle them together like on the image above, the result really great. I’m pretty sure that with your creativity you can create all sorts of cool grungy and vintage designs with them.

This set consists of 6 textures and you can download each one by clicking the preview images. Let me know if you like them!Continue Reading this Post

Free Texture Friday โ€“ B&W Corrugated Iron

I’ve always been a sucker for old and rusted metal fences and to find one that isn’t freshly painted around the area where live is getting harder than ever. This Corrugated Iron Fence has everything you can ask for, grunge rusted patches, old cracked paint and a gloomy textured surface.

In post-processing I made it black & white and tried to create a vintage effect to make them appealing and usable as overlays or grunge backgrounds.

As before, you are free to use them for both personal and commercial projects.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Free Black & White Corrugated Iron Textures

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Green Seaweed

Hey guys, today I have a real treat for you. In one of my recent texture walks down by the cost (see Free Texture Friday โ€“ Golden Rocks), there were these puddles on some of the rocks that had a lot of seaweed textures or algea in them. As an experiment I tried to photograph the seaweed from above through the water, not knowing how it would turn out.

Free Green Seaweed Texture

Now, a few weeks later I started playing with the photos in Adobe Lightroom. When I started editing and increasing the colors and exposure levels these amazing textures came to live.

They are packed with tiny details and shapes, making them a very cool choice when you want to experiment with overlays and mixing them together with other textures in Photoshop. I hope you can find good use for them in your work, I had a great time making them ๐Ÿ™‚Continue Reading this Post

Free Texture Friday โ€“ Yellow Rusted Metal

Today I have a brand new set of yellow rusted metal textures from the cover of an old electrical cabinet which I walked upon in the local shipyard. The bright yellow color of it caught my eye so I decided to check it out. I guess it’s from an old motor, generator or a crane. But I’m not 100% sure. It still looks really great with all that industrial grunge, rust and dirt which has been piling up for years.

If you like metallic and rusty textures, this set is right up your alley. They will definitely look good on posters and other grungy designs that you come up with ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

Free Yellow Rusted Metal Textures

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Golden Rocks

In today’s set I’m sharing 5 golden rocks textures that I shot down by the coast where we have huge volcanic rocks going out from the shore out into the sea. These are often soft rocks that have cracked over time and some have holes which are created by some species of sea shells.

There are many different types of rocks and minerals in the world, the three main types being igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. Iceland is composed mainly of igneous rock where a distinction is made between volcanic rock and plutonic rock. But Iceland is a young country in geological terms and little eroded, making volcanic rock dominant.

I added a golden color effect to the textures using Adobe Lightroom to create a monochromatic effect which I liked and I hope you do too. Enjoy!

Free Golden Rocks Textures

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Free Texture Friday โ€“ Grunge Black Wall

Hey guys, I have created this really awesome set of grunge black wall textures for you this week. Not so long ago I stumbled upon this old black wall, ruins from an old local fish processing factory that partly burned down in 1983. It’s remains were recently torn down and removed, exposing the black worn and cracked walls. What a catch!

Grunge Black Wall Textures

These textures are among my personal favorites. They are extremely grungy with tons of cracks and crevices, white paint showing underneath the black soot creating awesome surfaces. I shoot enough for a few sets which I will release in the coming weeks and months.

As always, these are free for both commercial and personal use. Please let me know what you think. Enjoy!Continue Reading this Post

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