Free Texture Friday – Ashlar Stone Wall

This weeks freebie is a set of old ashlar stone wall textures from an old local building that was demolished only a few weeks after I shot these images. They are from the remains of an old fishing factory that I have posted many sets of textures from before.

But it’s gone now, only a couple of weeks ago they demolished the rest of the structure. I’m very glad to have photographed so many great textures from that location.

Ashlar stones are finely cut and squared to fit perfectly together in masonry, although the front side of these stones is rough to create a rustic effect. Ashlar masonry dates back to prehistoric Greece and is often used as an alternative to bricks.

This particular wall is made of small ashlar stones together with blue painted bricks. As this was a local fish processing factory back in the day, cheap fixes were probably not that uncommon. Although the bricks are much newer and painted, they give a nice contrast to the stone wall, showing the battle of old versus new.

I hope you enjoy the free textures, Cheers!

Free Ashlar Stone Wall Textures

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Free Texture Friday – Vintage Basalt Rock 2

In December 2016 I posted a set of free vintage basalt rock textures created from rock formation close to Hvalnesfjall mountain in the east part of Iceland. These are from a beautiful area close to the sea where the rocks seem layered or sedimental, creating a interesting surface and depth to the textures.

Today I have another set of 5 rock textures from the same area and with the same vintage post-production effect. These will be the last ones since I didn’t take any more photographs at that location. I do hope that you can use them to create something good looking and unique. These are really great as overlays and backgrounds to create a vintage and grungy effect to your graphic designs and photos.

If you are new to blending images together or creating overlays over your own photographs, you can find hundreds of really great video tutorials on Youtube that explain the process. You will need a graphic imaging editor such as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp. Click here to see the selection of Photoshop image blending tutorials on Youtube.

Check out our Freebie category for hundreds of more high quality textures and background images, and if you need even more, we have thousands of free textures in our free stock photo gallery.

Free Vintage Basalt Rock Textures Vol 2

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Free Texture Friday – Rusted White Metal

Hello friends, today I have a large set of 10 grungy textures from a rusted white metal wall with corrugated sheets. I was waking in the local shipyard when happened to spot this wall. Once painted white, the surface was really starting to rust and the paint peeling away, leaving the metal surface open to the elements.

These rusty textures are around 10Mb each, and are great to use in your graphics, web designs, flyers, brochures, headers, presentations, business cards and other print materials. The images are carefully selected and edited with Adobe Lightroom to get the best effect and to make them ready-to-use.

Enjoy these textures, and if you like them, please share with your friends and circles if you can.

Free Rusted White Metal Textures

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Free Texture Friday – Blue Peeled Paint

2 weeks ago I posted about my trip to the old part of my home town where I shot a set of corrugated metal textures. In that set you might have spotted a blue peeled paint textures on an old garage door that I promised to post more of at another time. Well, that time is here and I have a huge set of 8 very large blue peeled paint on wood textures for you today!

Although the old part of town is very nice, there are houses in between that have not been painted nor maintained for years, and they are the ones I always look for. In terms of finding cool textures, these old buildings and sheds are a goldmine.

In this case I found an old garage that’s probably from the early 19 hundreds and hasn’t been painted for some years. You might be wondering if people live in them, but I can assure you that these are only used as storage. There’s even a brand new home behind the sheds, so I guess they will be torn down sooner than later.

As you might see, the old wooden front of the garage has a lot of peeled blue paint on it. The weather can be pretty hectic around these parts with high winds and snow/rain bashing against the walls. Lucky for us the wall hasn’t been painted for many years therefore giving us a great grungy surface to work with.

I see plenty of application for these textures. You might use them as backgrounds and overlays, change the color to black & white or some other color in Photoshop or Lightroom. Play around with layer blending modes, or just use them “as is”. Enjoy the textures!

Free Blue Peeled Paint Textures

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Free Texture Friday – Old Bricks and Mortar

Today I’m posting a set of old bricks and mortar textures from an old building that used to be a fish processing factory until the 80’s or 90’s. This particular side of the structure has these large concrete bricks layered upon a cement foundation. I’ve shared some textures from other areas of this building before, such as 3 individual sets of Grunge Black Wall.

Throughout the years these walls have obviously been repaired a lot. With more mortar and newer bricks added to close old openings that were once windows or small doors. This old brick wall has a great grunge effect and would probably suit perfectly as a background with design elements and text over it.

I edited the colors, sharpness and added a little vignette to the images in Adobe Lightroom, just to make them more appealing and ready to use. I hope you find good use for them in your future projects. As always, you can download all the images in one zip file from Dropbox via the link at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Free Bricks and Mortar Textures

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Free Texture Friday – Corrugated Metal Textures

I finally got a chance to go out and scout for places to shoot new textures. We’ve been having very bad weather lately so I haven’t been tempted to venture out looking until this week. I came upon an old shed in the middle of town that looked interesting. After checking it out, the first thing I noticed was the rust and decay on one side of the structure, perfect rusty corrugated metal textures!

It also had a nice peeled blue garage door next to it, but I’ll post that set later. Anyway, I shot a few photos closeup of the rusted metal, pretty happy with my findings. The long wall of the shed wasn’t as rusty, but I shot a few photos of it anyway as you can see in the last 2 photos of this set. When I got home though, many of the rusty textures were out of focus, which made me have to supplement with the less rusty ones.

The textures have a nice green color and a lot of rust, reminding me of some old metal roof textures from when I was a kid. They have a ton of details, rust, peeling paint and some grungy elements that come in use when you’re trying to create a used industrial effect. I see these being used as posters, backgrounds or some kind of elements in print or webdesign.

I hope you find them useful at least. You can download your favorites by clicking the preview textures below.

Enjoy the free textures and have a great weekend!

Free Corrugated Metal Textures

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Free Texture Friday – Distressed Grunge

Today I’m sharing a set of black and white distressed grunge textures that I created from different wooden textures I had leftovers from an old boat set. I think it’s really fun to mix different textures together to create something new and unique.

In this case I blended another old wood texture on top of my original one and set the layer mode to “Divide”. I then added a black and white color effect and increased the contrast by using a “Curves” adjustment layer.

These distressed textures are very useful to add a vintage, worn and grunge effect to your designs. You might have used similar textures a hundred times before, or maybe this is your first time.

It’s so easy to apply a free grunge texture to your design. Just open up your design in Photoshop or your favorite image editor, drag the texture over it and resize to fit. Then set the texture layer mode to “Overlay” or “Soft Light” and adjust the transparency as needed.

I hope you get some inspiration from these, and maybe use this simple technique to create your own textures. If you do, we’d love you to submit it to our free texture gallery! Until next week, have a great weekend.

Free Distressed Grunge Textures

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Free Texture Friday – Vintage Basalt Rock

Today’s set of textures contains six really nice vintage basalt rock textures from rock formations by the mountain Hvalnesfjall in east part of Iceland, around 400km from the capital Reykjavik. It’s a beautiful area with the views of Vestrahorn near Höfn í Hornafirði on one side and the steep mountainside on the other side with the main road in between. It’s a lovely place to stop if you are driving the main road around the island.

Basalt is a dark-colored, fine-grained, igneous rock composed mainly of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. It most commonly forms as an extrusive rock, such as a lava flow, but can also form in small intrusive bodies, such as an igneous dike or a thin sill. Basalt underlies more of Earth’s surface than any other rock type. Most areas within Earth’s ocean basins are underlain by basalt. Although basalt is much less common on continents, lava flows and flood basalts underlie several percent of Earth’s land surface. Basalt is a very important rock.

I found these rock formations to be interesting because they look a lot like layered or sedimentary material, with small pieces of rock being loose or broken off. As both overlays and stand-alone backgrounds, I’m pretty sure that these textures will be great to add a little vintage feeling to your work.

As the year 2016 is coming to an end I would like to thank you for visiting Stockvault and downloading our free images and textures. 2017 is going to be a great year with lot’s of new freebies and designs. Happy New Year!

Free Vintage Basalt Rock Textures

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Free Texture Friday – Washed Out Blue Concrete

With the Christmas Holidays coming up, you might already be done with school this year, or it’s vacation time from work. Nevertheless, it’s the time we spend with our family and loved ones, or as I do, catch up on my Photography and Photoshop work. And therefore, I have prepared a large set of 8 washed out blue concrete textures that you can download and experiment with over the Holidays.

The textures come from an old abandoned naval WW2 airfield called Patterson which was operational in the years 1942 – 1944. I’ve posted many sets of textures from that place before, as it’s been left standing for all these years.

This particular set comes from the concrete foundation of the so-called Ammo Igloos, which were used to storage ammo for fighter airplanes and look a lot like Hardened Aircraft Shelters. You can see how the look at the bottom of this post.

After over 70 years these structures are really great when it comes to finding and photographing textures. The elements have taken their toll on everything, the metal, wood and concrete walls are washed out, rotten and rusted, making this a great place to visit.

Enjoy, and I hope you find good use for them. Happy Holidays!

Free Washed Out Blue Concrete Textures

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