Soaring Free: Birds in Photography

by Eric Shafer → November 24th 2014

Humans and birds have a long history, as they are some of the most recognizable and friendly (as well as least dangerous) animals on the planet. Aside from being able to lead humans to food and water, as well as warn of danger, birds have also served as food sources for humans, and also have [...]

Free Texture Friday – Gritty Grunge Wall

by Bjorgvin → November 21st 2014

Todays free textures include a set of gritty and grunge concrete surfaces that are perfect to add a vintage feeling to your next artwork, whether it’s photography or design. A ZIP download link is included for your convenience at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from (51.4Mb) Did you [...]

Free Progress Bar PSDs

by Eric Shafer → November 19th 2014

Progress bars are a stable in web app, mobile app, and user interface design. They help users estimate the time remaining, and also know that progress is happening even if there aren’t visible changes on the page or in the app. Progress bars can come in a variety of styles, such as rounded bars, progress [...]

Door Photographs that Draw You In

by Eric Shafer → November 17th 2014

Most of us interact with doors on a daily (if not hourly) basis. Doors have been an important development in human architecture and societal progress. They help provide security, comfort, and privacy, as well as limiting noise and preventing pests from entering a building. Doors also have psychological significance. They help compartmentalize activities and assign [...]

Free Texture Friday – B&W Grunge Wall

by Bjorgvin → November 14th 2014

Todays textures are black and white and from an old concrete wall that seems to have been used for target practice by the look of all the bullet holes in it. They have a nice grunge feeling to them and I’m sure they would be a nice addition to any texture arsenal out there. Remember, [...]

Free Serif Fonts for Designers

by Eric Shafer → November 12th 2014

While sans-serif fonts are often more commonly used in design, particularly web design, serif fonts still have their place, particularly for headers, logos, and other graphic design projects. Serifs are small embellishments or lines attached to the end of a letter, and can have some readability benefits (particularly for lower case l and capital I). [...]

Bright and Attractive Rainbow Color Photographs

by Eric Shafer → November 10th 2014

A rainbow is an optical concept resulting from reflecting and refracting light in water droplets that appear in nature. Rainbows can also be created in a variety of other methods, including by prisms. Rainbow colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The rainbow is an important concept, as it can represent diversity, [...]

Free Texture Friday – Rotten Wood 2

by Bjorgvin → November 7th 2014

Today’s set of textures are from old rotten wood panels. I apologize for the quality, but the lighting conditions were a bit poor. Nevertheless, the textures are great, dark and gloomy, making them perfect as a background or a part of your next illustration. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from (6.1Mb) Did you [...]

Creating Food in Photoshop – 10 Useful Tutorials

by Eric Shafer → November 5th 2014

Food is frequently used in design, for a variety of reasons. Many posters, flyers and other promotional materials use food as a focus to draw attention to the main feature, while many logos happen to be food based, especially for restaurants. Creating food in Photoshop can be challenging. Obviously, it’s possible to use photographic references, [...]

30 Bright and Vivid Photographs to Catch Your Eye

by Eric Shafer → November 3rd 2014

The more vivid something is, the more saturated and bright the colors are. Vivid colors catch the eye for a reason, as usually they signify something in nature and this corresponds to how humans perceive various colors. For example, bright red is very eye-catching, and it’s used by some animals to attract mates, while humans [...] is a stock photo sharing website where photographers & designers can share their free photos, for non-commercial usage.

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