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Free T-Shirt PSD Mockups for Designers

by Eric Shafer → March 25th 2015

If you’re a designer and work for a clothing company, or you want to sell your own designs on t-shirts through one of the many marketplaces, odds are that you’ll want create an example of the design in the context of being on a shirt. To do this, you’ll need a t-shirt mockup, and there’s [...]

30 Fields and Meadows Photographs

by Eric Shafer → March 23rd 2015

Fields are areas of open land, often used for growing crops or other plants, but sometimes are just inhabited by wild grasses. Grassy fields are known as meadows, and they play a major role in various ecosystems because of the type of life they can support. In photography, the large open area can usually allow [...]

Free Texture Friday – Worn Concrete

by Bjorgvin → March 20th 2015

Today we have a set of grunge, cracked and worn concrete surfaces that can be used to spice up your designs. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (22.4Mb) Did you like these textures? Let us know by leaving a comment, and you can even post a link if you used them in your [...]

Free Flat Icon Sets to Download

by Eric Shafer → March 19th 2015

One of the most popular design trends of the past few years has been the flat design style. With little depth and effects, it can help make a website or design have a unique, clean style that doesn’t overwhelm the viewer. To create a flat design, most (if not all) of the elements need to [...]

30 Intense Hunting Photographs

by Eric Shafer → March 16th 2015

Hunting is the pursuit of an animal or other prey, usually with the intent of killing it. While most people think of humans when it comes to hunters, most animal species that are carnivorous engage in hunting (with the exception being scavengers). Hunting involves careful and cautious approach of the prey, to get to a [...]

Free Texture Friday – Misc Wood

by Bjorgvin → March 13th 2015

Hey guys, today I have a set of mixed wooden textures that you can use for your next project. Wooden textures are great to use as overlays on your photographs, or as backgrounds or design elements. I hope you can use them, enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (28.7Mb) Did you like these [...]

Great Free Brushes to Download and Use

by Eric Shafer → March 11th 2015

Brushes are very useful in graphic design, for applying effects, layer masks, textures, patterns and more. While in their simplest form, brushes simply paint colors onto a canvas, in Photoshop, brushes can have all sorts of textures, effects and controls to achieve nearly any effect imaginable. Most designers have a few favorite brushes they go [...]

30 Lava and Volcano Photographs

by Eric Shafer → March 9th 2015

Volcanoes are openings in the Earth’s crust, caused by the pressure of magma underneath the surface, usually from the collisions of tectonic plates in Earth’s crust. Volcanoes are very powerful, with two types, those causing red eruptions, with liquid magma (lava) oozing from the volcanic opening, or those causing gray eruptions, which are powerful explosions [...]

Free Texture Friday – Crystallized Silica

by Bjorgvin → March 6th 2015

Today I’m sharing 5 crystallized silica textures I shot close to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland a while back. This is a crystallized form of the silica mud people use to treat their skin and has a beautiful deep blue and white color. I hope you can find good use for them Download all textures [...]

Free Browser PSD Mockups to Download

by Eric Shafer → March 4th 2015

One of the best ways to show off a web app or service is to show a screenshot of it. However, a standalone screenshot isn’t nearly as effective as showing it within a browser. This method of showing a contextual example helps reassure your users that your app looks good, works well and is compatible [...]

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