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Perfectly Orderly and Organized Photographs

by Eric Shafer → September 1st 2014

The human mind naturally appreciates order, which is essentially a sensible arrangement of objects, items, concepts or other subjects. Commonly, lists are ordered from low to high (or vice versa), images can be ordered from darkest to lightest, or objects from smallest to largest. The brain views order as a way of making sense of [...]

Free Texture Friday – Raw Red Meat

by Bjorgvin → August 29th 2014

Todays textures are raw and fleshy with a narrow range of focus. I shot these delicious beef steaks with my 100mm macro lense, and the result is a landscape of dark read meat. I’m pretty sure they are perfect for some projects out there. Download the set below or click the individual picture. Enjoy! Download [...]

Out of this World Futuristic Sci-Fi Fonts

by Eric Shafer → August 27th 2014

Science fiction captures the imagination and minds of millions around the world, because it shows us things that may not be possible now, but might be in the future, or it shows us an alternate view of the world, or creates a sensationalized technological world around us. Science fiction usually combines elements of modern society, [...]

The Art of Industrial Grunge in Photography

by Eric Shafer → August 25th 2014

The industrial revolution is largely considered one of the most important events in human history, and directly responsible for many aspects of modern life. Simply put, the industrial revolution was based around the development of mechanical manufacturing, mass production, interchangeable parts and efficient creation of goods on large scales using raw materials. Industry and manufacturing [...]

Free Texture Friday – Dark Grunge

by Bjorgvin → August 22nd 2014

We all love the dark side of textures don’t we? Today I’m sharing a set of five large dark grunge stone textures that I shot earlier this summer. You can use them as you want, personally and commercially. As before, you can download the whole set from the copy.com link below. Enjoy! Download all textures [...]

Awesome Typography Graphic Designs

by Eric Shafer → August 20th 2014

Typography is a crucial part of design, but it’s also a type of design all by itself. Art can be created out of, or surrounding text, to create a typographical composition that expresses not only a word but also a concept or idea. Usually, typography graphic designs include the use of a single or word [...]

Fun and Creative Uses of Plastic Objects in Pictures

by Eric Shafer → August 18th 2014

Plastic is one of the most important materials on the planet, as it’s widely used in everything from cutting edge technology to 0.99 toys at your local toy store. Because plastic is not broken down by water, it is far superior for any application where the object may come into contact with moisture, and plastic [...]

Free Texture Friday – Greenery

by Bjorgvin → August 15th 2014

Hey guys, todays set of textures is vivid, green and fresh. I shot these various plants with my 100mm macro lens and the color and depth is great. Hopefully you can find good use for them. Enjoy! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (58Mb) Did you like these textures? Let us know by leaving [...]

Big Header Text in Web Design

by Eric Shafer → August 13th 2014

In web design, managing user attention is incredibly important. Users typically have very short attention spans, and aren’t interested in reading large amounts of text. So when creating text for your website, it’s important to both maintain a visual hierarchy and utilize text effectively. By using heavy weight or large text, the user’s attention can [...]

Blinged Out Metallic Automotive Photographs

by Eric Shafer → August 11th 2014

Lots of different materials are used in automotive manufacturing, such as plastic, steel, carbon fiber and aluminum. However, some of the main components are made of metals, which can give strength to the vehicle but also provide a shiny surface. For automotive enthusiasts, the metallic equipment in a car is some of the most fun [...]

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