Example: halloween, blood, skull, scary or fear

Free Texture Friday – Vintage Stone Wall

by Bjorgvin → October 24th 2014

Todays set of textures are vintage, cracked and grungy. I shot them in old ruins (see picture at the bottom of this post) located on Iceland’s south coast. I hope you like them, enjoy! The location. Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com (71.7Mb) Did you like these textures? Let us know by leaving a [...]

Spooky (and Maybe Delicious) Halloween Food Designs

by Eric Shafer → October 22nd 2014

Although most of the focus on food for Halloween is around the bountiful amounts of candy that children collect, such as Reese’s cups, lollipops, Hershey’s chocolate bars, Kit-Kats, and of course candy corn, that’s not the only food that can be festive for Halloween. In fact, since Halloween parties continue to grow in popularity, it’s [...]

Heartwarmingly Cute Baby Photographs

by Eric Shafer → October 20th 2014

Babies, or young human children, can be quite cute. Certainly, they come with a variety of care issues, such as requiring diaper changes and pacifiers to keep them from crying, which many would not consider cute, but their behavior, mannerisms and appearance certainly do qualify as cute at times. Humans have likely evolved to find [...]

Free Texture Friday – Worn Aged Metal

by Bjorgvin → October 17th 2014

Today I’m sharing with you some great grunge metallic textures with scratches, peeled & dirty paint, plus some rust just to spice it up a bit. As before, these are free for commercial and personal usage. For a quick ZIP download, use the link at the bottom of the post. Enjoy! Download all textures as [...]

iOS Icon Design Tutorials

by Eric Shafer → October 15th 2014

Being able to design an icon is one of the essential skills for designers these days. Whether working as an app designer, graphic designer, web designer or game designer, icons play roles in many types of design. Designing icons is usually done in Adobe Illustrator or other vector graphics software, so the icons can be [...]

Pebbles, Stones and Rocks in Photography

by Eric Shafer → October 13th 2014

Rocks are everywhere around us in nature, and they come in all shapes and sizes, and tons of different types, ranging from pebbles to boulders. Rocks exist in 3 main groups, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Each is formed through a different process, but they are all collected minerals in a solid shape. Rocks are important [...]

Free Texture Friday – Rusted Corrugated Iron

by Bjorgvin → October 10th 2014

Hey guys, todays set of textures are from an old weathered shed with rusty corrugated iron plates. I’ve applied some minor filters in Lightroom to create a soft vintage effect. The images are rather large, so please use the download link at the bottom of this post, thanks! Download all textures as ZIP from copy.com [...]

Festive & Free Halloween Fonts

by Eric Shafer → October 8th 2014

When it comes to capturing the spirit of Halloween in design and art, setting a spooky, creepy, unnerving and dark mood is one of the most important aspects (assuming you’re focusing on the spooky feeling and not the fun, trick-or-treating and cute aspect of the holiday). One of the best ways is to use fonts [...]

30 Adorable Pictures of Kittens

by Eric Shafer → October 6th 2014

Kittens are baby cats, and they are considered by many (especially cat lovers) to be some of the most adorable creatures on Earth. Humans naturally have a certain level of affection for babies, and when they happen to be babies of animals that are pets, it’s even more so. Kittens are quite capable of getting [...]

Free Texture Friday – Grunge Stone Wall 3

by Bjorgvin → October 3rd 2014

Today I have another set of Grunge Stone Wall textures for you guys. The textures are filled with details, cracks and dirt that makes them perfect as overlays and backgrounds. Free for commercial and personal usage, plus you can download them as a .zip file in the bottom of this post. Enjoy! Download all textures [...]

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